Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wishing Our Lives Away?

Remember when we were young and time went so slowly? It seemed like forever until Christmas came or our birthdays? The summer seemed to last forever. Days seemed longer. As children we didn't think about tomorrow or dwell on yesterday. We just lived in the moment.
Now as adults we can't wait for the weekend to come. We can't wait until the workday to be over so we can go home. I'm guilty of this one myself. We wish it was winter because the weather is too hot. Then when it's winter we quickly get tired of the cold and wish for warmer weather. Time goes so much more quickly doesn't it? The older we get the faster it seems to go. Summer is now over in the blink of an eye. It seems like Christmas comes before we are ready.
We spend too much time thinking about mistakes we made in the past. We worry about the future. What about NOW? Let's face it folks.....we are wishing our lives away. :(


  1. True words. And I am SO guilty of this. Thanks for the reminder. I'm going to vow to do better. Live for the moment and be glad in it! D

  2. If you haven't already read it, you might enjoy "The Tao of Pooh" by Benjamin Hoff.

    He writes about how busy people are so anxious to save time, that they never have time for anything.

    "Return to the beginning; become a child again"

  3. Indigo Incarnates

    I'm usually pretty good at avoiding that. I like my job, so I don't mind going to work. I like my Wicca group. I love my partner. I like my pets. So, there's something good in every day I live. :)

    Blessed be

  4. I am guilty of that as well. Sometimes I get disgruntled how as humans we confined our lives to time, we wake up this time be there that time. We measure our lives by the time it took to do something or the time it takes waiting for something to happen. What do they say ‘Once Upon a Time…….’

  5. Yep, that we are.

    If only adults could concentrate on the here and now as well as children can.

  6. I agree...and I try so hard to make such thoughts leave my head when I am at work and looking forward to the weekend...

  7. I have an advantage. I had several big things happen in my life from an early age that taught me that life can change in an instant. Those events taught me to be grateful for whatever I have right now this minute. And then I was given a son and told he wouldn't live. I was already preped to live in the present and living with Dagan made it an engrained part of my being. I basically do not look forward or backward--and grasp at joy and positives and gratitude and laughter every day. If I quit laughing--I know I have wandered off my own spiritual path.

    And Dagan is 34 years old! Wow! And we took it one wonderous day at a time. So--I have had an advantage for staying in the present moment--ROFL!! :):)