Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In A Bitchy Mood.

Ok this has got to be quick but I need to get if off my chest. So today I go to work and what a mess I found. First off, there were no regular donut rings set out. This meant I had to go digging in this huge freezer the size of a small house to look for them. I did manage to find 3 boxes of them and had to climb up on one pallet to get to them. :( Then I get to my area of the bakery and find a mess. Racks were left out dirty. The icing things that were supposed to be refilled were no good, they had not had icing added to them as they were supposed to each day and they were not able to be used. The temp on that icing thing was turned up way too high and it was all burnt as well. All the stuff that was done the day before looked like crap. A few drops of icing on top of the cinnamon rolls instead of covering the whole top looks ridiculous and nobody is going to buy it. Nothing was ready for me the way I get it ready for whoever would be doing it on my day off. I found out that the new person that they got to help me out and do it on  my days off declined the job. There is supposedly going to be a guy that is going to help out in bread and my area but won't believe that until I actually see it. It was my dept. manager who did my job while I was gone.....but the way I see it, she did a half a$$ job. Everyone is wondering what is up with her and why she is barely working. Oh well......we get back what we put out. Slacking off will not be without concequences. 
That's it for now. Gotta go back to work.


  1. Oh no! Isn't she the lady you thought you liked and you all got along with? Or is this that other one? That really sucks. Then you are way behind before you even start. I hope the rest of you day goes much better.

  2. That sucks! I bet you were exhausted afterwards, because of having to basically do your job twice... Clean up, then do all what you would usually do (and probably more).

  3. Not much can spoil your day and your mood faster than coming into work after a day (or two or more) off and finding a mess.

    That might be the biggest downside to going away for a while.