Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday. (Again)

It is Wednesday now right Steph? ;)

I'm actually in a better mood now. I just got through watching the Conversations With God movie. I don't know why I never watched it sooner. It was made in 2006. I read all the Conversation With God books and just loved them. I just recently found out that there was a movie and ordered it from Netflix. Has anybody else read these books? Another good one that I watched recently was The Shift with Wayne Dyer. I've watched it a couple of times already and learn something new from it each time. I'd love to hear from anyone who has seen these. 

Russell is still working very long days and the way we keep in contact is on the phone while he's driving. He's been doing a job cleaning up an oil spill that went onto a farmers land and in his pond. We hope this job is over soon so things can get back to normal. 

I hope your evening is a good one!


  1. Oh,'s Wed now...and I have to tell glad it is over...looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow.

  2. I have read all three books,plus Friendship with Good, Communion with God,and The New Revelations. I love Neale Donald Walsch's books. I actually had an opportunity to see the movie before it was released. They traveled around the country showing it in churches before it was released. I saw it at the Unity Church in Dallas in October of that year. Then I decided to start attending that church more regular that following Easter. I don't know that I would have checked that church out if it was not for having experienced the pastor during the viewing. What was really kewl was that Neale and Simon sat after the movie and answered questions.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the movies. Never watched them myself.

    Hope Russel doesn't have to work these long hours for too long.

  4. I read the first book--Conversations With God--many years ago. Saw both movies. They're very good but--since I have been more or less pondering these things since I was five and more intently since 1993--they didn't have anything really new for me. But they are good reminders for keeping your priorities straight, aren't they? :)

    I LOVE listening to Wayne Dyer and always try to catch him on PBS when he has a new talk. He's a favorite of mine.

    I hope Russell gets done with the oil cleanup soon. And I hope things are going better for you at work, too. :):)

  5. Book sounds interesting. Never heard of it before. But, then, I am always slow!

    Glad you are feeling a better mood. But what a mess you were left with! Not fair.

    The school I work at has a speech therapist who sounds just about like this. Her room is a wreck. She's always losing files, tests, etc. And I inherit her chaos often! It's enough to drive you crazy.

    Wow. Maybe I better find that movie! Happy April! D

  6. YEP, I can see why you yearn for some hohum humdrum normalacy! Having read all your entries since the begining of March all at once, it seems you could use a sedate, run of the mill, April.

    Hope you get it!