Sunday, May 16, 2010

And There Is Light

We have light in the new bathroom. Russell finally got the electric hooked up in there and discovered along the way that the wiring in this house is a mess. It all needs to be redone eventually. So does the plumbing. He did some of that when he added in the new bathroom. We have very little water pressure. The old metal pipes are probably full of gunk that has accumulated over the years. He's replacing them with some new type of pipe that does not do that....but the name of them escapes me right now. Hopefully after all the pipes in the house are replaced we will have decent water pressure. That will be done a little at a time as it is costly.

Today, I'm going to paint the bathroom. He had to do the ceiling because my shoulder is messed up and it's hard for me to reach straight up. The walls should not be a problem though. We went to storage again to look for my bathroom stuff but I think it's a hopeless case. The box is nowwhere to be found. I really love that dragonfly stuff and wish we could find it. I looked at some of the stuff at Walmart and did not see anything that I liked. 

I have had some problems that I think are due to my lack of protein in my diet. I'm going to be  much more careful now to make sure I do get enough protein. I've had lots of aches and pains that normally are very minor but now it's like they are all amplified. I have a foot that I hurt a long time back that would hurt every once in awhile and occasionally my back would hurt. When I was on a register at work I had a lot of trouble with my shoulder because of the repetitive motion. A lot of this stuff was made worse by standing in one spot at a register and once I went to the bakery, most of it went away. When I changed my diet however it's like I'm getting everything at once and and even my fingers hurt. I did some research about not getting enough protein and muscle aches and pains seemed to be one of the symptoms. I now realize that I need to make sure I get enough protein and calcium as well.  

For those of you who are not on my Facebook: We had many tornadoes all around us last week. There was a lot of damage in cities north and northwest of us and many people lost their homes and businesses. It was kinda scary when the weather alert radio kept going off with tornado watches and tornado warnings. We were lucky though and did not get the very strong winds or the softball sized hail. Yes...softball size. There were many pictures of it on the news and the news channel website. I think getting hit by something like that could kill a person. All this happening is a good reminder of not to take things for granted. Life can change at any given moment.
Peace to y'all.

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  1. I'm glad you're getting there with the bathroom... Shame about that stuff... Hope you can find something you like as much - if not more - to use instead!

    It's very importtant to make sure you get all the different types of vitamins and such in your diet. People who eat meat get some protein in their meat, so as a vegetarian or vegan you need to find alternatives.

    WOW! Now that's big hail stones! We don't generally get tornados here. We do sometimes, but very rarely. It was only when I was in Canada I found out about those tornado warnings that get given if a tornado is within a certain distance, or "might" come that way. I got really scared... I mean, I was just listening to some tunes, and an amber alert came on, and the rradio started saying about preparing yourself, people going in to their basements, etc. I'd never heard all that before, and got all panicked. I couldn't believe how calm everyone was. They all just started saying that amber alerts happened all the time, and not to worry too much about it. After a couple of times I learned not to panic about it, and to just keep an eye on the weather. I wouldn't go anywhere if an amber alert happened though... Just in case!