Sunday, May 9, 2010


I just may be getting Sundays and Mondays off from now on. That would be nice and I'll have the option to check out Unity Church in a nearby city. I woke up a little after 5 am today and Russell saw me on the computer and said I thought you were going to sleep late today? Well.....5 am is sleeping late when I normally get up at 2:15. Don't ya think? I have a hard time now sleeping much later than that. Besides....I took a long nap yesterday so I could stay up with Russell when he got off work last night. It's been nice, he's had some time off since they hired another driver at his work. Things are not so hectic now and he's getting caught up on his repair jobs. I told him he was McGuiver last night. He fixed some plumbing with bicycle tape, JB weld stuff and clamps. The hardware store was closed by the time he got off so he got that stuff at Walmart. Pretty clever huh? Maybe some of you remember the time he fixed the washing machine with a bottle cap and a rag? Well as long as he does not make a bomb with some every day household items, I think we are OK. hahaha

I need to get myself motivated to do some painting. So why am I still sitting here? I have lots to do so better get to work! Have a peaceful Sunday. :)
And Happy Mother's Day to all Moms.

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  1. Hope you do get the days off you want.

    LOL! Yeah, I think as long as he doesn't start making bombs, you're fine! ;)