Monday, May 17, 2010

Went Shopping.

Russell decided we needed to go get a bathroom mirror yesterday. So we went to Home Depot and found one that we both liked. He wanted a big medicine cabinet type thing but it would have looked too oversized in that bathroom so we found something else we both liked. We are going to get one of those cabinet type things that go over the toilet for storage instead when we find one. We did not find one at Home Depot. Also at Home Depot we got a bronze toilet paper holder and towel ring. They match the bronze in the mirror. Then we went to Target (I love Target) and I found a glass shelf with bronze on it it match the other bronze stuff. But we still didn't find the over the toilet cabinet. The bathroom is now painted, I did most of it and Russell did way up top where I could not reach it. Today I'm going to clean the floor and see if I can put some type of an oil on it. We really don't want to refinish it and I don't think it needs it anyhow. While at Target yesterday I looked for accessories but did not find anything I liked or that would match. I'm going to check Walmart today. We don't have much choice of stores around here....Target is about 40 mins away not far from Home Depot but we probably won't be going there again in the immediate future. So I may have to order some stuff online. 
I really do like Target though. They have so many neat things and lots of *vegetarian* type foods. Since I was there I got some veggie cheese, some barley, a packaged Bengal lentil meal and some Progresso lentil soup and this is stuff I can never find here. Probably some more food too but that's all I can remember right now. I like looking around that store at all the neat kitchen stuff and gadgets. We were going to go out and eat but it got too late by the time we got out of Target so we ate at home.
The money is really adding up to do that bathroom! With the plumbing fixtures, the sheetrock and hardware, vanity sink and toilet and not even counting the accessories it's getting way up there as far as cost goes. I can't even imagine what it will cost to do the other bathroom which needs to be completely redone. 

Hope y'all have the most wonderful day!


  1. I'm glad you found some things you liked to do the bathroom. The costs of DIY projects soon mount up... That's the only down side to owning your own home... You have to pay to get all the work done all the time.

    Great find with the food. You'll have to let us know what you thought of them, then - if they're any good - I can look out for them.

  2. Oh, yeah... Speaking of food and letting people know what you thought of things... You might want to read the post I've set up for tomorrow (Tuesday).