Thursday, May 20, 2010

For a short time......

I had a helper for my area of the bakery. She was supposed to be my permanent helper. Well that only lasted about 4 hours until my dept. manager came in and told me that she'd have to use her on the floor instead. The girl that normally did it is now on medical leave because of her bad arm so that only left one person to do the job. Well, it was nice while it lasted. We got so much done with the two of us. I feel this was just like a tease to see how it *could be* or how it *should be*. She turned out to be a very nice girl...a 19 year old and was very helpful. So now I have to wait again for a helper. So much for that.

We had tornadoes go through the state again. Once again, they went around us. For those of you who don't know and now I can say it since my blog is private....I live in Chickasha, Oklahoma. That is pronounced  Chick-A-shay. It's a Native American name for the Chickasaw Indians. So next time they show a map of Oklahoma with tornadoes going through it, you can see where I am. It's southwest of Oklahoma city.  We have a good warning system here and it pretty much shows on tv exactly where the tornadoes are at the time.  It will even show the exact street. Technology has come very far. I will be much happier when we get a storm shelter though. Russell's parents have one and we can always go there but I still want one of our own. Russell wants one with a portable potty in it and electric. I want one with internet and a big screen tv. Ok I'm just kidding on that one. 

The bathroom is progressing nicely. It's all painted and I just finished the baseboard but Russell still needs to cut some bottom trim to go around the edges of the floor. He tried coming home with plastic trim and I told him it was ugly. Why spend all this money and use something tacky like that? So he brought it back and got real wood which was cheaper than the tacky stuff. He has not had much time to work on it lately so does a little whenever he gets a chance. I'll take pictures when it's done.  

Here are some pics I took after I went shopping.  It's hard to make everything out in the pic. Also, Russell ended up getting more stuff when he was at Walmart that same day and it's not in the pictures. 

That's it for today's post. Hope you have a good evening!

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  1. Well, I bet that was a lovely 4 hours. They should have just gotten someone else in to do the floor work. I bet there were plenty of people who could have done it really.

    I'm glad the tornados are missing you. Hope it stays that way!

    Speaking of where you live... I'm going to need your address soon for that giveaway thing you signed up for on my blog. So, can you e-mail it to me some time soon?

    I'm also glad the bathroom is coming together.