Friday, January 20, 2012

There Has To Be Some Light In This Darkness

I feel like I'm in this dark forest, scratching and clawing my way through the twisted trees which want to hold me back and keep me from moving forward. I know at the end there is a light but there are so  many obstacles that get in the way of me making it to the end. What is at the end that I want so much? I want to be able to forgive and forget what he did to me. I want to remember the happy times and put the bad ones behind me and use it as a learning experience. I want to walk into that light with the man who has come back into my life from so long ago and experience the joy of simply living. Life is a journey and sometimes we get stuck along the way. But there is always a way out.


  1. Hang in there; you'll find the light!

  2. Sometimes when it gets discouraging, a short period of rest, a deep breath, and just starting something, will get one out of the darkness. If not, remember, you have friends that will help - some will sit in the darkness with you and just share the wait for the light to shine.