Tuesday, February 21, 2012


No matter where I go, I feel assaulted by noise. Today as I walked at the park there was a man with his little son and they were playing on the slides. Instead of just playing and giving his attention to his son, he had his van parked there with all the doors wide open and his radio blasting so he could hear the talk radio show that was on. It was so loud I could hear it all the way across the park. It was not the peaceful, relaxing walk that I wanted. Do you ever take time to turn off all the noise and just enjoy the silence?


  1. One of the advantages of being housebound and living alone. I can turn everything off and have basic silence any time I want.

    Yes, I have always been one who needs down time/alone time/quiet time. Sorry it wasn't quiet for you at the park. Maybe next time it will be. :)

  2. ...dear gentle Celticspirit ~ may the peace angels find their way home!...
    ...sometimes ~ they like to go ~ walk-about for a bit! ~ all we have to do ~ is to ~ reinvite them ~ back into our souls!...
    ...getting back into peaceful balance ~ along with the right motivating inspiration ~ it can have the ability ~ to drown out ~ even the biggest roars of thunder! blessed be dear kindred!...

  3. Oh yes...many times I crave silence. Noise just overwhelms my brain. In one week hubs and I are moving to a new home in nature along a river...it is totally quiet except for sounds of nature. I cannot wait! Silence is Golden!

    Love and light,

  4. Everyone needs silence sometimes; even I like a bit of silence from time to time!

    Most radio stations have websites with "listen again" options on them where you can listen to the show again any time within the next x amount of days (usually 7, I think). The man should have used that option and enjoyed the time with his child. Which would also have allowed other park users to enjoy their trips to the park!

  5. I am "blessed" with a hearing impairment and can find silence at any time with the throw of the switch. Unfortunately I can't shut off the noise in my head.